About Us


Above: A photo of the site authors standing back to back, facing the camera. On the left is Andrea Smith, to her right is Taku Kawai.

We are soon-to-be Occupational Therapists, who conducted a research study between 2015 and 2016 as part of our Master of Occupational Therapy degree requirements at the University of British Columbia. Our study explored how stigma shapes the opportunities for Canadians who have visual impairments to do the things that they want and need to do in their daily lives.

Our research was supervised by Dr. Tal Jarus  and PhD student Laura Bulk.

As we had no prior experience working with people who have visual impairments we learned a lot through the research process!

We hope to this site proves to be useful for you as you undertake your own study. Please use the ‘Contact‘ form to request information about our own research, and to share your experiences with us.

Taku Kawai & Andrea Smith