Useful Links

Organizations based in British Columbia, Canada

Access for Sight Impaired Consumers– ASIC BC

Accessible Media Inc

BC and Alberta Guide Dogs

BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association


Neil Squire Society – Provides computer-based assistive technologies

Vancouver Community College– Visually Impaired Adult Program

Vocal Eye -Live descriptive arts and culture service for people who are blind and visually impaired


Information on Visual Impairments

American Foundation for the Blind 

NFB- Common Eye Conditions & Causes of Blindness in the US


Perspectives on Visual Impairments & Blindness

5 Things I Wish People Understood About Being Legally Blind

What It’s Like to Go Blind A BuzzFeed short video

disCover: The meaning of disability with Rod Michalko 

Blind New World – A Perkins School for the Blind campaign aimed at addressing stigma and changing people’s perceptions about blindness